4 Possible Reasons Why Do You Bruise So Easily


Sometimes you remember the exact moment of stubbing your little toe and sometimes you do not. The weird black and blue spots may be a huge mystery.

They do not come and show immediately, and sometimes they come out of nowhere. And here comes the question. Why some people get bruises so easily and others do not?

A bruise is a small injury to the tissue in the skin. That causes blood leaking from the blood vessels, right into the skin. That is the reason why bruises have weird colors. Many factors can influence the appearance of bruises.

1. Age

When we get older the tissue that surrounds our blood vessels is becoming thinner. That means that it is more likely to get bruises when you hurt your blood vessel. The skin is no more so elastic, and strong. Less protection means more bruises.

Another thing you should know is that everything that causes premature aging of the skin like smoking and tanning may also cause more bruises.

2. Medication

You are surprised, aren’t you? Some medications including corticosteroid and culprits medication that are used for asthma and other inflammatory diseases can cause bruises.

3. Unhealthy diet

If you do not consume enough vitamins you can easily get bruises. Lack of vitamin C and vitamin D can cause that. But nowadays this is a rare case because people in the USA do not have a deficiency in vitamins.

4. Some rare diseases

Some diseases can cause more bruises but those are rare diseases. Some of them are diseases that cause a lowering of the platelet count of our blood. Those are small cells that help in the clotting of our blood. If the blood cannot clot normally even if you brush your arm on something you will get a bruise.

Take idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura for example. The antibodies of the body attach the small platelets and that causes bruises. If you get bruises easily it may mean that there is abnormal development of the blood in leukemia. In those cases, bruises are a normal thing and you do not need to be worried.

It is not an uncommon thing that people bruise easily. But if a person has a lot of bruises and some of them in unusual places then you should do something.

To conclude relax and watch how the bruises change their weird color and are careful.

photo credit: Arthaey Archery bruise, day 1 via photopin (license)

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