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What It Means To Be In Love With A Strong And Independent Woman


A strong and independent woman knows how to rely only on herself and not depend on anyone. She has made for herself a barrier and she makes sure only genuine and true people can get close to her and see her for what she truly is.

But why does she do all that? Well, she does it to protect herself from the cruelty and harshness of the world around her. She has been through a lot and she is aware that she shouldn’t give away her love and trust that easily. And that’s why she tries to shield herself from people with bad intentions that can hurt her heart and soul.

Being in love with an independent woman means that you need to make a great effort to gain her trust. It requires patience until she feels safe to open up to you. It means that you should make her needs the top of your priorities and being on her side whenever she needs you. And in the end, don’t even think about trying to change her wonderful personality.

If you want to get past her high walls and reach her heart, you have to understand the nature of her personality. You won’t get in so easily. She will not let you be part of her world from the first meeting, and she absolutely will not give you her trust until she is certain that you do not have any intentions to hurt her. Because doing that thing for multiple persons takes a lot of energy.

The independent woman can deal with life problems on her own. You will never see her asking for help or show signs of weakness in your company. But that doesn’t mean that she should be left to do all things alone. Find a way through her firmness and offer to help anyways.

Even if she is vulnerable her pride won’t allow her to admit that and you need to be determined and make sure that she feels you are always there for her even if she tells you that she doesn’t need you.

You will have to accept her stubbornness, individualism, and all her other traits if your love for her is real.

Part of being a strong woman includes being on her own for a very long time, and usually, people who have that strong personality get accustomed with being alone and don’t want to change that, so hopefully, you aren’t too late to reach her soul because after a certain threshold strong people come to terms with the thought of being alone and never open their gates to anyone.

It is no easy thing to love a strong woman, but in the end, all your efforts will be worth it. The ride will be bumpy but as soon as she lets you in, you will see that everything was worth your while. Her love is tough to get, but when she loves, she devotes everything in her soul and body to that love and all of her energy goes to her trying to make the people she loves happy.

Patience is of key importance when it comes to loving a strong woman. She needs to see that you’re willing to wait however long she needs to start trusting you. You need to tell her that she’s not alone in her struggles and that you will be there for her even when she thinks that she doesn’t need you.

Source: I Heart Intelligence

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