We Are Living In A Society Where People Have Forgotten The Importance Of Physical Touch


The perception of the physical touch has been changed in our society in recent years. People decided that hugging somebody or patting their backs is not appropriate anymore.

Even though that might be true if the one who’s receiving the hug doesn’t like to be touched, but the same thing also started to be true for close friends, family members or sometimes even spouses.

We’ve become too accustomed to maintain a distance from everyone and specialists think that may cause some damage to our mental health. All that is because the age that we live in has made people forget how important physical contact between us is.

Lack of physical touch is damaging to us.

Our emotional health and wellbeing depend on physical contact. The lack of it might cause us to start having feelings of isolation, loneliness, and it may even cause depression and anxiety.

Every physical contact matters to our mental health, it doesn’t have to be a hug or a cuddle, a simple pat on someone’s shoulder or back might improve our emotional balance. Moreover, there has been a study made in the University College London, that shows how even gentle touches may help a person to feel like a part of society.

Human touch is very important, despite what people may believe. One great example of that was Princess Diana, who was the first publicly important person that shook hands with someone that had AIDS. She was aware of the fact that simple physical contact could comfort the other person and make them feel included. She even encouraged others not to shy away from people who were suffering from that disease, but to hug them freely. Her actions resulted in many debates and discussions and they helped with the inclusion of these people into normal society.

People are advised against physical touch.

The topic of personal boundaries and consent has been really popular lately, and that’s a good thing, but it might have gone a little bit too far. It has gone to the point where parents of adopted children being scared to hug their children, and many doctors refrain from any physical contact with a patient because they are told they can be sued for a simple hug that can comfort someone.

There are even some examples of parents who were too scared to help someone else’s kid that has fallen or hurt themselves. On the same note, if a kid gets hurt in class, the teachers are advised to just tell the kid to bandage themselves.

We’ve come to a point where the notion of physical touch, no matter how small or innocent it is, is being made unnecessarily evil and it always leads to controversial conversations. People are starting to feel strange even when they touch someone passing by on a crowded street.

Humans need togetherness.

People have forgotten how important human contact is, but we are desperately trying to make up for the loss of it in recent years. Some people who are not finding the affection they need in their loved ones even hire professionals that will be there for you to hug you and cuddle you. Some businesses and retail centers have also risen from this demand, and people can pick one of many different choices from the cuddle menu.

We’ve gone even further with machines and robots designed to give people solace and physical contact they lack. One of the most notable machines of all, still in development though, is the Tranquility Chair that has arms that softly wrap around a person that sits in it.

This shows that the world is in a crisis. A physical contact crisis. In our efforts to make the environment we live in feel safer and more comfortable for people, we have made something terrifying. We have disregarded the meaning of physical contact, and because of that, people’s mental wellbeing, in general, is taking a toll.

Source: The Power Of Silence

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