Why Walking Barefoot For 5 To 10 Minutes A Day Has A Positive Impact On Your Health


In the process that is called grounding the electrons are absorbed in our bodies. They have the ability to help in neutralizing the free radicals that can reduce the chronic pain, signs of aging and muscle fatigue.

If you are walking and running barefoot for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day you will be able to reduce the effects of aging and you will be psychologically younger.

The grounding of your feet will have a positive influence over your nervous system and your heart. You will regulate the nervous system and it will raise the charge of the blood cells. They will not clump and won’t trigger any heart problems.

Many children, as well as older adults, can see the difference between walking or running without shoes. Walk or run barefoot and your feet will become stronger and that can help in improving our balance and it will reduce the chance of a serious fall.

Kids can sometimes be clumsy as well and the muscles will develop properly if they spent some time playing, running or walking barefoot outside.

If you walk outside barefoot even for 5 minutes your feet will come back to their natural condition and you will be able to get all the benefits that people have lost when we started wearing shoes.

With only 5 minutes of barefoot walking your body will feel the difference and one way to understand that is to know that most of our energy goes through our feet. PMS, sleep apnea or even hypertension are related to certain points in our feet. Since we are babies we start to use our feet and they start to evolve in order to help us.

When we walk with shoes the movement of the heel is unnatural and without shoes, the feet come down gently, the knee is bent and the balls of our feet are wide and grip the ground. That is a small difference but still, it makes a big change in the mechanics in our body.

That difference causes injuries and they can be decreased when you take off your shoes. Out feet can feel when they are going to strike the ground and that is the reason why there are few biomechanical relays and they tend to relieve the pressure on the knees and joints.

The shoes have the opposite effect. We stop the natural absorption from happening and that causes a lot of pressure and stress in our body.

There are also other benefits of walking barefoot including extra energy. We started wearing shoes a long time ago and we are insulating ourselves from the natural electrons that can be found along the surface of the Earth.


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