Unconditional Love Is About Acceptance And Growth, Not About Changing Your Partner


When two people unconditionally love each other, and true love, no hidden motives, drives them, they become better people. Unconditional love is defined as pure joy, and it helps people to perceive life in idealistic ways.

It lets people be more objective, thus allowing them to obtain insight and knowledge, and develop as individuals. It is difficult to explain this transformation, as it is a mixture of emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

Unconditional love includes accepting and acknowledging the weaknesses without defensiveness.

People, who truly love each other, do never set up any conditions. They are ready to accept their partner as he/she is forever. They reject all their faults and imperfections, concentrating only on the good aspects of their partners.

We have to admit that we have sometimes been driven by hidden motives rather than true love, falling in love with an ideal partner that we have created in our minds.

Nevertheless, believing that we can make up an ideal partner and eliminate his / her imperfections is wrong. It is wrong to try to eliminate people’s imperfections, as we are not perfect, too. Even though we look for an ideal partner, we should think about whether we are afraid to fall in love with someone and their true love.

Rather than trying to change the imperfections of the partner, you need to try to fall in love unconditionally. As time goes by, you will realize that you are both becoming better people.
You need to change yourself first. You cannot expect what you only give.

When you learn to love unconditionally, you will stimulate each other to become better people. Things should not be pushed through. You will go step by step. You will not pressure each other to change or to be something that he/she is not. You will love each other and the change will come from inside.

You will realize that you need to sacrifice your necessities for the benefit of others. If you love unconditionally, you will always sacrifice your wants for the sake of your partner and relationship.

You will love each other honestly and truly. To love unconditionally means to love with your whole heart. True love denotes loving the partner even when you are depressed, sick, tired or in a bad mood.

You will love the partner in spite of his / her flaws and imperfections. We are not perfect, and to love truly denotes to accept the partner as he/she is.

It is hard to find true love, but you need to realize that you should start from yourself. You must love yourself if you want to love other people. The way you treat yourself reflects the way you will treat others.

Therefore, love yourself truly and genuinely, and accept your imperfections, flaws, and mistakes. Self-love is crucial for unconditional love. When we experience unconditional love, dealing with negative behaviors and prejudices become easily, when joy becomes the aim, this joy includes much more than the happiness of the partners.


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