Unbelievable Sight: Blind Elephant Dances To Classical Music


Animals sometimes can surprise us with their ability to act like humans. For instance, their ability to show empathy, emotions, creativity and so on. The most amazing thing is that animals comprehend and take part in our culture and art.

Even though it is unbelievable, a blind elephant dances to classical music.

Namely, while Paul Barton was playing the piano in an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and the blind Lam Duan, a 62-year old elephant started dancing to classical music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Eric Satie, Frederic Chopin, and Franz Schubert.

The elephant responded like a human and swayed from one side to another, moving her trunk.

Duan was not the only elephant from the sanctuary that enjoyed the piano. While Barton was performing, other elephants were coming and enjoying his performance.


Some of them even sang.


Source/photos: Paul BartonYouTube  BoredPanda


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