Toddler Awarded Medal In Memory Of His Father Who Died Volunteering To Fight The Blaze


The son of a fireman who lost his life in a fight against the fires in Australia received a medal for bravery. Dressed in a firefighter uniform, with a pacifier in his mouth, one and a half-year-old Harvey Keaton was awarded a bravery medal on his father’s funeral in Sydney.

Dozens of firefighters were saluting, applauding, and giving their respects to Jeff Keaton, who died at the age of 32. The unfortunate event happened when a tree fell on the fire truck in which he and his friend Andrew O’Dwyer both lost their lives.

In addition to the family, friends, colleagues, fire chiefs, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who was harshly criticized about his position about the fires, also attended the funeral.

Jeff Keaton is one of three people that lost their lives in the fires in Australia.

More than 480 million animals have died in the fires. The cause of the fires, which rage across Australia since last September on a more than 5 million hectares area, is the extremely high temperatures, long-lasting droughts, and strong winds.

Many people believe that climate changes are the cause of high temperatures in Australia and with that the cause of the fires too, which have reached such an unbelievable scale that can be seen even from space.

Source: BBC

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