This Amazing Deep-Sea Fish Has A Transparent Head


If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on in a fish’s head, you could have a look at the head of a Macropinna microstoma fish and you’ll see every internal organ they have in their heads. Most of their head is transparent and it looks fascinating.

This amazing creature is not easy to notice because of its see-through head that is full of fluids with tubular eyes inside of it. You might think that the black dots above its mouth are the eyes, but actually, those are its nostrils. The eyes are the brown tubes with the green half-balls that are located inside the head.

This fish was discovered for the first time in 1939 but there weren’t any photos of it until 2004. That is because these fish live in depths of around 2500 feet and they rarely swim – they prefer to float around the depths scanning the ocean for prey which is smaller fish and sometimes jellyfish.

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