These Magnificent Roses Have Both White And Red Petals


There are so many types of flowers in the world, but none as majestic as the rose. Roses are the one flower that everyone is proud to have in their garden. More than 150 types of roses exist and every color symbolizes something different.

Different cultures have different perceptions of rose symbolism ranging from love, passion, friendship to sadness, guilt, and many other emotions.

Scientists these days have been experimenting with cross-breeding and have made so many amazing rose hybrids. One of the most beautiful has to be the Osiria rose which is a tea rose that has white and red petals. It was first made in 1978 by the German rose production company, Kordes Roses which has been working in the rose production business since 1887.

Because it is a hybrid plant, every Osiria rose has different color variations. This rose hasn’t always been popular until nature photographers made some amazing shots. But oftentimes people get disappointed when the roses they planted don’t turn out to be the same as those on the amazing photos.

The most common pattern is when the bloom’s inner side of the petals is white with splatters of scarlet pigment on it. But the digitally enhanced photos often show deep red colors on the outside of the petals with clean white pigment on the inside.

Photographers have confessed that most of the photos of the Osiria rose that you see on the internet have been digitally enhanced to look perfect, but either way however they turn out they are magnificent. They also have a very strong smell that would make up for the lack of intense colors that you might’ve expected.



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You can grow the Osiria rose in your garden but they’re not an easy plant to maintain. It’s hard to find them in the florists but if you want to grow it yourself you need to be aware of certain things about them – they are very susceptible to diseases and attacks from insects, and it is tough to find good quality seeds that will sprout. But if you’re feeling adventurous and have time to spend in meticulous care for the Osiria rose you’ll have a flower to be proud of in your garden.

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