The Perfect Job For Cat Lovers: Veterinary Clinic Hire A Professional “Cat Cuddler”


Do you often feel distressed and unfulfilled at work? If yes, then maybe it’s time to change your job. If you love cats, move to Ireland and become a proficient cat cuddler.

“The Just Cats Veterinary Clinic and Cattery” in Dublin, has become the first to hire employees whose main job assignment will involve cuddling kitty clients.

Before applying for this job, make sure you truly love cats. If you are one of those people who feel happy and warm when petting cats or if you regularly take care of and feed the stray cats in your neighborhood, then you are an ideal candidate.

Moreover, you need to meet the following job requirements as well:

• You ought to have gentle hands capable of stroking and petting cats
• You should have the ability to recognize different types of purring
• You should talk softly to your cat clients in order to calm their nerves

Cats are inquisitive, playful, friendly, and independent animals that seem to give priority to food rather than to social interactions with humans.

However, some recent studies have shown the opposite. Although they sometimes act differently, cats do love interacting with humans.

In other words, cats love cuddling, and give them a sense of security and belonging. It makes them connect with their owners on a much deeper level which is essential for their health and well-being.

In the future, this kind of job will become widely popular, especially because the awareness of animal rights has been increasing internationally. If you are interested, send your CV to

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