Sisterhood – 3 Reasons Why It’s Important For Women


Does sisterhood represent the most beneficial thing for the health of women?

The friendship of the women has only abounded of the sisterhood, and the sisterhood is the most beneficial power in the world” – Jane Fonda stated.

In the past, women used to share things more commonly compared to today. The main things that they shared were about cooking, taking care after the children, collecting food, etc.

The lives of the women and their babies were very intimate, so in this way, they comforted and loved each other. The old traditions, such as the Red Tent, where women, at the time of the menstruation cycle, which was often synchronized, gathered to be together, and where they shared their moments of life and gave unlimited love and support to each other.

Nowadays, women mostly spend time on their own in their homes, separated from each other. There are only a few chances when they get together, and as a result of that, the time that they spend together is very limited.

Due to this, women pass over the care as well as the therapy that they used to give to each other.

Forming a cycle of therapy

Women represent the central part of the family; they are the pile of the family, who take care after the children and sometimes after the larger community. They overcharge the emotional splits in the partnerships they have. They make the relationships stronger, as well, as assistance that one individual cannot mean everything to you.

Spending time together with other women also helps them to be the best mothers, as well as to be a moral, mental, emotional and physical support for the children, and in this way, they will establish a harmonic surrounding for them.

Women are natural caretakers and emotional givers. For them, it is essential to give and to take care of others, as permanent giving out decreases and considering it as a major health problem. Instinctively, they know how to take care of each other and spending time together is very beneficial for them.

1. The power of the female friendship

The benefits of true friendship are numerous. Our life is much better when we have friends, and according to the researches, friendship has got a great impact on the psychological and physical being than the family relationship.

Women are strongly bonded with each other, they have their souls bonded to each other, as well as they give unconditional support and love to each other.

2. In which way does the friendship decrease stress?

A climacteric study has already discovered that women deal with stress differently than men do. Namely, it has got a great impact on overall health. When people come across stress, a fight response or flight is stimulated and as a result of that, the hormone oxytocin is released.

To add, oxytocin, which is mainly researched for its role during childhood, is a hormone that is characteristic for both men and women and is secreted as a response to stress.

So, in women, it boosts up the fight response and it that way stimulates them to protect and to take care of their children as well as to get together with other women.

According to Dr. Shelly Taylor and Laura Klein, it is like a ‘tend and befriend’ structure, and it is not only characteristic for humans but also all other female species.

When we involve ourselves in the tending and befriending, the hormone oxytocin is highly secreted, so that it clears up all the stress and calms us down. Recently, a lot of studies were done based on stress in men.

Women were slightly mentioned in the studies since most of the researchers thought that the changes in the hormones per month produce stress responses that vary a lot, and that is why they cannot be accepted as valid.

According to Dr. L. Klein, when men are under stress, more testosterone is secreted, and it consequently lowers the beneficial effects of the hormone oxytocin. However, probably, they will suppress stress with fight or aggression and flight or withdrawal.

On the other side, women, produce estrogen, that enriches the effects of the hormone oxytocin and stimulates them to ask for support.

Withdrawal and aggression are psychological pings, whereas friendship gives comfort that overcomes stress.

Dr. Taylor added that the completely different manner of asking for support during stressful periods is how men and women differ when they deal with stress, as well as it represents one of the major differences in the behavior between men and women. This major difference provides permanently to the differences in gender.

A breast cancer study from 2006 found out that women who do not have close friends are four times more probably to die compared to those who have got ten friends or even more.

And what is more important is the fact that the closeness and the contact with a friend were not connected to survival at all. Having friends is only protecting.

3. Sisterhood

Jane Fonda, an actress, and activists claim that friendship among women is very different compared to the friendship of men. Women talk about millions of things.

They discuss things more deeply. They discuss them over and over, even though they have not seen each other for many years.

Some hormones are secreted for women to the other women, which are not only healthy for them, but they also overcome the stress. Women just have to be together and to help each other permanently.

Fonda and Lily Tomlin, a close friend of her, talked on the TED Show about the essence of friendship among women, and connected that friendship with a healing source of power:

“It is because of the friendship – the friendship among women has only abounded of the sisterhood, and the sisterhood is a very beneficial force, to give the world….. the things that the humans constantly search for”.

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