Sister: Someone You Can Call When Things Aren’t Going Right


Having a sister is a real blessing. She is more than just a family. She is your best friend for the rest of your life. Psychologists believe that having a sister enhances your mental stability as well as your general development.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should feel proud and grateful for having a sister:

Your sister helps you to build your character Sisters usually behave like best friends. They love playing together, enjoy spending time together, and share their secrets.

However, sometimes they can have arguments and be angry with each other. Both ways are necessary for their character building and mental growth.

You can share your secrets with them

Sometimes, it’s really hard to have real conversations with your parents and share with them your secrets. Luckily, you have a sister and you can tell her everything because you know she will always understand you.

You can vent to her

You can’t vent to your friends because you don’t know whether they will stay in your life or not. However, your sister loves you and forgives you every time you vent to her for no reason.

You can copy her

Your big sister serves as your role model. She has done a lot of things already, so you can copy her and follow her example.

She is your guru

Your sister always gives you the best advice and reduces your negative feelings, so you never feel lonely and unloved.

She helped you learn the grown-up stuff

Grown-up stuff sometimes can be tedious. Having a big sister will help you learn a lot about it and deal with it more easily.

Your parents have learned from her

We all make mistakes in our lives. Your sister has made them first, so your parents won’t be so mad at you when you make a mistake because they already know what to expect and how to deal with it.

She helps you discover the meaning of unconditional love

Having a sister means you will always have someone to talk to, someone supportive and able to understand you. This makes you feel cherished and loved and helps you understand better your feelings as well.

Your sister lowers your chance of getting a divorce

According to a study from Ohio State University, those who have a sister had lower chances of getting a divorce later in life. This is because having a sister helps you become a less self-centered and more mature person.


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