Sheep Cafe In South Korea Shares Cute Photos Of A Sheep Getting Washed


Have you ever heard of a sheep café? Thanks, Nature Café is a Korean animal café where its customers can drink their coffee and pet the cute and fluffy sheep that reside there.
This café was opened in 2011 in Seoul, South Korea and it was one of the first animal cafes.

Thanks, Nature Café has two sections. In one of the sections, you can enjoy drinking your beverage, like tea, juice, and coffee or order waffles or frozen concoctions, while in the other you can meet and pet some of the beautiful lambs.

Lee Kwang-ho is the owner of this café and he is very surprised that this place is gaining attention from people all over the world, even from countries he had never heard of before.

Recently, Thanks Nature Café posted photos on their Instagram account of a lamb getting bathed, which went viral.

After getting groomed, from a curly gal, the sweet lamb turned into a fluffy snowball.

This lamb is one of the animals that live in the Thanks Nature Café.

These are William and Bentley, two beautiful lambs that live there. One of the customers said they look well-fed, happy and receive a bunch of love from everyone.


Thanks, Nature Café gained popularity in 2015, as it was the zodiac year of the sheep and it is listed as 35th of the total 1,188 best dessert restaurants in South Korea.

Café visitors can also go to a specially designed department where the sheep roam. It seems that sheep also love gaining attention from the visitors.

The visitors who have been here, strongly recommend this café, so if Seoul is your next destination, make sure you visit Thanks Nature Café and say hi to these wonderful fluffy creatures.

Source/photos: thanks_nature_cafebaes_food_everythingtravelceetony_gd


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