She Becomes A Toy Designer: Theater Artist Receives A Pack Of Wool As A Gift And Creates Miniature Wool Sculpture


Nastasya Shuljak is a Moscow-based artist who has grown up in nature, enjoying the beautiful natural world. After receiving a pack of wool as a gift, she started creating miniature wool creatures which are a reflection of her beautiful and rich childhood.

They look like they have just arrived from a magical wonderland.

She revealed that 10 years ago, while she was still an art teacher and a theater artist, she received a pack of wool as a gift from her friends and she made a rabbit and a bear from it.

She has instantly fallen in love with wool due to its flexibility and the limitless possibilities you can achieve by using it.

She added that seeing a child’s happiness in adult people when buying her creations still surprises her.

She doesn’t consider her wool creations as art, so she doesn’t want to exhibit them in a gallery. To her, they are little lumps of joy which she tries to keep as minimal as possible.

Elements of nature are visible in her creations as well. She has grown up surrounded by beautiful nature, in a small town near the sea. So, the beauty of the natural world is in her blood and it has become an inseparable part of her creations.

Now, Nastasya lives in Moscow, Russia and she teaches classes on how to create such cute creatures out of wool.

She also sells them online, so for more information, you can follow her on Instagram and see more of her adorable little wool creatures.


Source/photos: Instagram

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