Rescue Puma Lives His Best Life As A Pet


Many people keep pets as part of their families, some even decide to have a more exotic animal as their pet. Snakes, spiders, chameleons are all fine but can you imagine what life would be like with a puma cat as a pet?

This Puma, called Messi, after the famous football player, thinks and acts as if he’s a domestic cat. He has been living with his human parents Aleksandr and Mariya Dmitriev in Russia for 3 years and he is living his best life.

We’re sharing with you some adorable photos of this puma’s everyday life.

This big cat first was sold to a zoo in Penza, Russia when he was only 3 months old. He wasn’t as big as the other cats of his kind and he suffered from several health issues so he couldn’t continue living in the zoo. He couldn’t live in a wildlife conservation center either. The zoo staff almost gave up on him and decided to put him to sleep. But then Mariya and Aleksandr showed up and saved the little kitten’s life. Now he lives as a part of their family.

The couple says that they fell in love with the puma as soon as they saw him, so after some considerations, they decided to buy him. At first, they weren’t sure how they would manage to live with such a big cat in their home. On top of that, they already had one house cat by the name Kira. Very soon everyone in their home was happy except their cat Kira. Maybe she was feeling a little bit jealous.

Even though everyone calls the puma little kitten he needed to be trained like a dog.

Even his maintenance habits and requirements are more like those for a dog than for a cat. He was trained at a training center for dogs, and he has successfully learned ten commands. He goes for walks with his owners, he eats raw meat, chicken, pork or beef and he gets his washing up in the bathtub.

What’s funny about all this is the neighbors’ reactions when they see this big cat being taken for a walk on the street.

His story became popular on the Internet. Most of the people loved how Aleksandr and Mariya saved him from death, but some people were saying that he needs to be in a wildlife center. The Dimitrievs explained that Messi would not have any chances for survival outside of their care and he won’t fit with the other big cats of his family because he is too gentle and he has many health issues.


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This gentle and big cat is called a puma, but these animals are also known by some people as cougars, mountain lions or red tigers. But it looks like our big friend Messi is not going to be the only big cat in the Dmitriev family because they are already planning to adopt a leopard.

Source/photos: I_am_puma, YouTube, BoredPanda

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