Only Those Who Make Us Feel Alive Are Our True Friends


During our lifetime, we may have a lot of friends, but not all of them are our true friends. Most of them are just people we know and catch up with every once in a while. Some of them we call friends, but we can never be fully ourselves when they are around. Only those who make us feel alive are our true friends.

Unfortunately, later in life, many friendships become really hard to sustain. Friendship is a two-way deal and it may end if we don’t nurture it or if we take different life paths that make us lose touch with each other.

It’s almost impossible to keep alive the kind of friendship where only one person is committed and loyal, while the other one doesn’t care at all. If the friendship is in the way of your personal growth don’t hesitate to break it off. People change and if you think they are bad for you, it’s better to walk away.

As we grow, our priorities change. It becomes really difficult to keep our friendships alive as we take on plenty of responsibilities. If your friends refuse to accept that your family and work matter too, it means they haven’t matured properly.

On the other hand, those ones who are constantly “busy” and give you various excuses every time you call them, they aren’t worth your efforts. So, the attempt to keep alive an already “dead” friendship is just a futile waste of time.

Instead, spend your time working on your self-growth and development. It is much better to have one or two true friends you can count on, rather than dozens who are never there for you.

A true friend is someone you share similar interests, beliefs, and opinions with. You are deeply connected and your friendship is based on compassion, concern, and mutual trust. You have a desire for regular contact and you deeply love, respect, and appreciate each other. If you have such a friend in your life, never let them go.

However, losing friends can be a real blessing as well. When you lead a busy life and you have no time for socializing, you can build much deeper friendships. Also, at the same time, the smaller circle of friends makes it easier for you to make time for yourself, which can be beneficial for your intimate relationship, career, and general wellbeing.

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