Not All Of Your Friends Are Real Friends – Beware Of Them


Many people came through our lives. Some of them remain only acquaintances. Some of them leave and others became our real friends.

We meet many people by chance. Some of them change our lives and make us better people. Some teach us important lessons in life, and some just make harm and leave.

There are people, who are skillful at pretending real friends, so, it is really hard to determine whether they want you good or bad. These people usually pretend to be loyal and friendly.

However, it is not hard to make a difference between a real and a fake friend. Here is how:

1. Real friends are about you

Real friends keep in touch with you and want to know what is going on. Fake friends do not do this. You can feel when someone puts off being your real friend. A real friend calls you to hear your voice, whereas a fake friend calls when he needs a favor.

2. Real friends always have time for you

Even if they are busy, real friends are always there for you. The time a friend spends on you can tell you if he is fake or a real one. If you need help, a fake friend will not be there for you.

3. Real friends are careful with your secrets

A real friend will never reveal your secret to other people. They will never betray you. However, a fake friend will reveal your secrets even though he has promised that will not do that.

4. Real friends love you as you are

Real friends think that you are perfect despite your flawlessness. You know their mistakes, they know yours. But, you love each other.

5. Real friends encourage and support what you do

Real friends are always beside you to help and support you in what you are doing, whereas fake friends do the opposite. It is easy to make a difference between them. It is all about how they make you feel.

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