Kid Of Year – 7-Year Old Boy Rescued More Than 1300 Dogs


In 2018, at only seven years of age, Roman McConn got named ‘Kid of the Year’ by ASPCA. He rightfully earned that reward by saving more than 1300 dogs from shelters in the states of Texas and Georgia that had a high-kill reputation and then finding new loving families for them.

His story about his love and compassion towards dogs reminds us all about how important it is to be humane.

Roman has always loved dogs, and animals in general, and his passion for helping them started when he was only three years old. For his fourth birthday when asked what kind of gift he would like, he asked his family and friends to donate some money to animal charities instead of giving him gifts.

Roman’s mom, Jennifer, fully supported her son’s intentions so she volunteered at many animal shelters and their house pet is a rescue dog named Luna. His mother has also been with him through his journey and she motivated him to rescue more dogs.

At first, Roman and his mother made some small posts on her social media to promote the dogs they saved for adoption. But this all has grown for Roman to be the face of a bigger transport charity for rescuing dogs.

Their charity “Project Freedom Ride”

Three years ago, in 2016 Roman and his mother started an animal transport charity called ‘Project Freedom Ride’. Their main goal is to find new homes and loving families for dogs that are unwanted in shelters. In December of the same year, he and his mom made the first transport of 31 dogs and some cats from Texas to Washington.

Today they’ve become a known charity and they manage to transport from around 40-100 dogs at a time from Texas and Georgia to the Pacific Northwest. All the pets are mostly adopted beforehand either through the Facebook group of the charity or by some other pet rescue agencies.

All of their transports are made possible by donations from generous people, government funding or help from other pet rescue agencies. They say each transport can cost somewhere between $5,000 – $15,000 depending on the number of dogs. If you want to help you can donate on their site.

Plans about what’s coming

In 2018, Roman traveled to New York to accept the award and he made a speech about his charity. In an interview for the webpage ‘Inside Edition,’ he said: “I think it’s very important for the dogs I meet that I give them the best chance at finding the right home that they need, dogs don’t need to be in a shelter, they need to do things”.

Roman contributes a large deal of the success of his charity to social media since it’s very easy to look at videos or pictures of the pets that you want to adopt.

Roman remembers all the dogs he has rescued and he has met some of the most special ones on other social media. He’s also thinking about all the dogs that are waiting to be rescued and transported by his transportation charity and those that he’s not even able to reach.

He and his mother are constantly giving their best and they hope their project to expand in more states and to make an even bigger dog transportation service reachable for everyone. Roman right now lives in Georgia with his family, and it seems like work has just begun for him.

Source: Project Freedom Ride, TruDog

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