Inspired By The Original Volkswagen Beetle, One Man Created A Very Cool Looking Mini Bike


If you’re a 90’s kid and you have a sibling, you must’ve played the game punch buggy in the back seat of the car where you exchanged hits with your sibling.

It was a parent’s nightmare trying to stop the fights. But as those fights were iconic, the Volkswagen Beetles were also an iconic vehicle that was produced until 2003 although they stopped their sale in the USA short after 1980.

One fan of the Beetle decided to repurpose these old cars into something more practical and adorable – a scooter.

The Volkswagen minibike

Brent Walter, the self-proclaimed builder, and maker of different types of things made the Volkspod as he called it by using the fenders from old Volkswagen Beetles and welding them together. The Volkspod has the taillights from the original Beetle and big handlebars for you to hold onto and you will want to hold on tightly because they can go pretty fast for a simple scooter – up to 25 mph.


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These little weird-looking scooters don’t only have the shape of the original VW Beetle, but Brent paid attention to small details too. You can find the original crest on the front of the scooter, on the step that helps you get on it and even on the engine.

These scooters might not be too great for longer trips or riding on the highway but, they sure are great for short trips around town or a relaxing tour around the neighborhood when the sun is out.


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Make sure to check Brent’s Instagram page to find out more about these amazing scooters and maybe even some details on how to get one for yourself.

Sources: Walter Werks || YankoDesign

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