If You Want To Be Truly Happy, Search For The Happiness Within Yourself


You probably know someone that is just generally unhappy. There are some habits that they do, that make them suffer internally and we’re going to try to help you identify them and thus be more supportive of those who are unhappy.

Depression or unhappiness consumes a lot of energy and general motivation, so if you want to help a person who is feeling unhappy the most important thing you need to have is patience. Here are the habits of people who are unhappy, and what you can do to help them.

1. They worry too much about the future

Depression or unhappiness makes people think too much about the future. They can’t enjoy the moment and be happy. They look ahead in the future and they think of all the bad things that can happen. It is very important to tell an unhappy person that they mustn’t let the future dictate how they feel and they need to live in the moment. They just need to focus on the present and that’s the first step of being truly happy.

2. The past is also something that troubles them constantly

People who are sad and depressed spend most of their time regretting the things they’ve done or not managed to do. This problem is connected with the first one, about not enjoying the present. They need to forget and forgive their past mistakes and not to remind themselves about it to get back on the track of happiness.

3. They are very negative

Sad people have negative thoughts about everything that’s happening and to escape them, the first thing they use for comfort is food.
Most of the time, food isn’t enough comforting so they have to turn to alcohol or even drugs to forget about their pain and negativity. They need to have someone in their lives to support them and help them get over these terrible habits.

4. Irrational spending

This one is a really obvious bad habit of a depressed or an unhappy person. When we’re buying stuff we fell a little energy boost that helps us forget about the bad stuff that’s happening in our lives. But spending like crazy can be a very dangerous thing. Most of the time people can’t control their feelings and spend incredible amounts of money on stuff they don’t even need.

5. Unhappy people are self-deprecating

Depressed or unhappy people are almost constantly criticizing themselves and others as well. They feel bad about everything they do. They focus on their flaws but don’t try to do anything to improve themselves. It’s very important to help them understand that everyone is different and nobody is perfect, so they need to work on improving themselves all the time.

6. They complain about everything

These people can’t seem to find anything that they enjoy to do. They only see the dark side of things and they just need to tell everyone how unhappy they fell about whatever is happening. Even if it’s just a small detail, they often exaggerate the difficulty of the problem. You need to try to reassure them that everything is going to turn out fine in the end however bad it might seem now.

Depression and unhappiness is a very common thing in today’s world and these people need someone to be there for them and make them feel better. We hope that you can use these signs to help someone unhappy or depressed.

Source: HigherPerspectives

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