Husbands Are The Best People To Share Secrets With


Every person has secrets that he would like to confess to someone. Women are gossip artists, and every opportunity is good to talk about gossip. Secrets are boring, and we face the truth: why know something if you don’t have the chance to tell someone?

Personally, I wouldn’t say I like secrets. They are something that puts pressure and anxiety on me. I hate lying to people, and pretending not to know anything is something I don’t like. At the same time, knowing that I know something incredible and not being able to say it is real torture for me.

But fortunately, I have the solution to this problem: husbands!

Husbands are not only those people who give money to women and accompany them during shopping, but they are also excellent people to share secrets with, and do you know why? Why they could not care less!

In fact, husbands have an incredible talent for not listening to the words of women or for not giving them the slightest importance. A secret is safe with husbands because they have no interest in disclosing them. You can be sure that no husband will betray you and reveal all your secrets to your worst enemy because he has no interest in this!

Don’t believe me? Well, let me tell you a story.

My friend Lynn is a real gossip girl, she must know everything about everyone, and she is always up to date on all the latest news from the world of entertainment. TMZ is her favorite site, and if I want to get news of any celebrity, from Elton John to one of the “Jersey Shore” girls, all I have to do is ask Lynn for updates.

Her passion for gossip leads her to confide in people, hoping to know hot secrets and then tell them to other people. Lynn always promises to keep it secret, but she never manages to. Lynn is not bad and does not do this on purpose, merely the desire to tell things is stronger than her.

Lynn is married to Sheldon. Sheldon is not a man, but he is a saint, a hero of our times, an example of behavior and patience, able to manage Lynn and resist the urge to plug her mouth when Lynn cannot stop talking.

Sheldon was Lynn’s main confidant, the person to whom Lynn made a real daily report of gossip and secrets, and Sheldon never commented on anything. Not a word came out of his mouth, and Lynn knew that Sheldon was able to keep a secret.

Lynn always spoke, and Sheldon never said anything and kept staring at a distant point towards the horizon.

Lynn could not understand what her husband was looking at with so much interest, and one day as she spoke, she shook him. Sheldon winced, and a small Bluetooth headset fell from his ear.

Sheldon was listening to the football match while Lynn revealed all the secrets of her friends and hers.

That’s why husbands are the best people to tell secrets about, they don’t care!

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