Home Economic Classes Should Be Taught To Students, As They Lack Elementary Life Skills


I remember we had Home economic classes, also known as Family and Consumer Sciences, in school, which I loved the most.

Home economics taught me the basis of everyday life. Taking care of ourselves and our families, baking, sewing, and laundry – my favorite.

I might have not understood then, but these classes taught students how to perform the basic tasks in everyday life. Therefore, I am wondering, why these classes are fading from the curriculum?

History, mathematics, and English are important subjects. But, home economics classes taught students about taking responsibility, setting home budgets, cooking methods, safety are basic life skills that would be beneficial for both men and women.

The students may be offered to choose between related courses, like Food and Nutrition, Family Studies and Health and Safety. Even though these classes have not faded completely, their presence is limited.

Do you think that these classes would be beneficial today? Do you think that the classes should be mandatory or obligatory?

Source: Healthy Holistic Living


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