10 Of The Best Herbs For Growing Indoors Year-Round


Herbs usually possess a lot of healthy, relaxing, and culinary properties and it is a good idea to grow them at home throughout the entire year. And it is possible.

Here, we will give you some advice about how to grow particular herbs in your home. And what is more important is that you do not have to water them or to change the soil every day, but they will still be as grown in a garden.

However, what you need to do is to put cilantro, mustard, or dill seeds into the soil, and after that to transfer them into the water, because the soil roots cannot be directly put into water, due to their differences with the water roots.

This is how you can grow herbs in water:

Put herb cuttings into a glass with plain water, or spring water which is rich in minerals. Chlorinated water is not recommended, because it can destroy the tissues of the herbs. You should also store rainwater or even tap water, that has aired overnight.

You can use a plastic or glass bottle, or even a mason jar for the herbs. It is best to be colored bottles or bottles wrapped into clothes to prevent exposing the herbs to light. It will also prevent the growth of alga on the bottle as well as on the root.

The bottles with narrow-mouthing are used to keep the cutting right and to support them. However, try to avoid bottles with tight-fitting, because it prevents the air and the roots cannot breathe.

The herb cuttings should be soft and with a length of about 6 inches. The lower leaves of the cuttings should also be removed to be able to rot in the water. To quicken the rotting, it is best to put willow branches in warm water, and then to use them a hormone mixture. Rotting hormone powder can also be used.

Here is a list of 10 herbs that you can grow in the water at home through the entire year:

1. Rosemary – Even though the roots of woody cuttings of the rosemary grow slower, the spring ones grow faster. The rosemary cuttings should be kept in a sunny place.

2. Sage – Put several cuttings of sage in water. Keep the herb in a bright and aired place, because it tends to discoloration.

3. Peppermint – It is rich in mobile substance menthol which gives a cool feeling on the tongue or the skin and it does not change the temperature. Put several cuttings in water, because peppermint is the easiest herb that you can grow in water.

4. Tarragon – Take some spring tarragon cutting and put them in water. Keep this herb in a hot and bright place. There are several types of tarragon, and for culinary purposes, it is recommended the French tarragon, whereas, for salad, the Russian tarragon is recommended.

5. Basil – It can be very easily grown into water. Put the basil cuttings in water before they start to flower and keep it in a sunny place.

6. Spearmint – Peppermint represents a hybrid of spearmint and it can be grown like this.

7. Thyme – Put some green, summer, or spring thyme cuttings before they start to flower and spray the parts that are underwater to prevent drying. When it grows, cut the stems so that they can form branches.

8. Oregano – Put the oregano cuttings into the water, and while the herb grows, you can scrape the grown tips.

9. Lemon Balm – Put some spring or fall lemon cuttings in the water at a bright place. The lemon cuttings will form roots after 3 – 4 weeks. You should change the water regularly and also you can take the herb outside when the weather is warm.

10. Stevia – Stevia is usually added to teas and beverages. Put some cuttings of stevia in a glass bottle full of water, and keep the herb in a sunny place.


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