Having A Friend That Is Honest And Independent Is The Best Thing That Can Happen To You


There’s this saying among friends that if you’re with them when they’re doing bad then you deserve to be their friend when they’re doing well too.

It is a fair thing, and it’s often said between friends by those who are more honest and proud. These types of friends that are always secure in their actions and decisions are of the best friends that you can have.

You’re in it together

The most obvious good thing about having a friend like this is they will do anything to protect you. Some people might find them to be overpowering, but when you’re insecure to fight for yourself it’s nice to know that there is someone that will be there for you to rely on. They will not allow anyone to treat you bad and they will be your most trusted partner in crime.

Your success is their success too

Sometimes, these types of friends can come off as too direct, but whatever they do, they only what’s best for you.

They might be too straightforward about what you’re wearing, whom you’re dating and some other choices that you’re making, but they’re doing all this because they don’t want you to get hurt. And they will do anything in their power to keep you away from danger.

A wedding with friends like these will be the perfect one

When thinking about how good your friends are, people don’t usually think about how their wedding will be with them, but when you have strong, honest and confident friends by your side, all your plans and dreams about your big day are more likely to come true.

Sometimes, other people will try to affect negatively your big day, and when you have strong friends they will stand up to them and make sure that day goes as was planned.

You never doubt their intentions

As we said earlier, these types of friends are really sincere and they always speak their minds, so you will always know where they stand and what they think about something.

Sometimes, life gets a bit difficult and things can be complicated so it’s very easy to lose yourself in your complications and forget about your friends. So after some time apart, you might be left wondering if your friends are mad at you or something might have happened that you didn’t notice. But these friends won’t let you feel like this, they will tell you exactly where they stand.

They don’t like being in the dark in your friendship so when they ask why you’re keeping a distance from them it might be a little bit uncomfortable, but if there’s a problem, a conversation is a great way of fixing it.

They will help you with your struggles

Have you thought of starting doing something then after some time completely put it away? Have you made a New Year’s Resolution, and soon after forget about it?

True friends will try to push your boundaries to help you become the person you deserve to be. You will be loved by them no matter how many times you fail and they will remind you of the importance of your task.

They will never let you fall off the rails and however difficult the situation may seem you will always find a solution for it together. Sometimes it can prove to be a challenging thing for the friend, but the true friend will always fight by your side.

You deserve a friend in every situation

Hopefully, by know, you know what it means to have a strong, and independent friend by your side. They will make sure that the world knows that you deserve to be loved and appreciated.

They will lift your spirits and will do all the things you’re too shy to do for you. They will remind you that they’re there for you and that they will take care of you because the love that you share is the kind of love that cannot be compared to anything.

Source: Thought Nova

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