Family Photos Were Replaced With Crayon Drawing – No One Has Noticed This


During quarantine time, Kristen Vogler decided to replace all family photos with crayon drawing and surprise her parents. She loves doing pranks and messing with her parents.

As she did not have a color printer, she decided to replace the photos with crayon drawings. She has been working on this project for 12 days. Every day, she replaced one of the family photos with a crayon drawing, waiting for her parents to notice.

However, her parents noticed that the family photos were replaced on the 11th day. Kristin stated that she had a lot of fun and enjoyed messing with her parents.

1st day – Kristin replaced the first family photo

2nd day – While her parents were gone for a walk, she changed the second photo.

3rd day – Even when she changed the third family photo, her parents did not notice.

4th day – Kristin posted on Twitter about her prank. Her mother decided to start up a Twitter account, but it was locked.

5th day – She was trying hard to change the photos.

6th day – She convinced her mother to go for a walk even though it was starting to rain.

7th day – She was guessing how long it would take for her parents to notice.

8th day – The changing of photos continued.

9th day – Only three photos left before completing the project.

10th day – Kristin changed the firstborn photo of her mother.

11th day – Her parents still did not notice the photos.

12th day – Here is how her parents reacted when they noticed.



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