Experts: The Key To Long Relationship Is Being “Boring” With Your Partner


Most people hope to find a “perfect” partner believing that this is the key to a healthy and long relationship.

However, the longevity of your relationship doesn’t depend only on your partner’s personality traits. In fact, it is linked to how much you both work on maintaining its quality.

Many experts will tell you that respect, love, trust, and being comfortable with each other are the most important aspects of any healthy relationship.

But, according to Mark Manson, the author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck”, the key to a long and successful relationship is “being as boring as possible” with your partner.

According to him, if you think about all those 80-year-old couples who have been together for more than 60 years, the reason why they managed to stay together for so long isn’t because of their adventurous marriage. It’s because they felt comfortable to be as boring as possible with each other.

They have spent more than 60 years sitting around their house, cooking, watching TV, talking about the same boring things, and dealing with the same boring stuff without any excitement or huge drama.

Mark also added that most couples don’t want to be seen as “boring” on social media. On the other hand, those who try to be “extremely interesting” cannot be involved in a romantic relationship.

However, if you don’t do your best to increase the quality of your relationship, you won’t feel comfortable with your loved one when you are doing boring things. You should show affection and tell your partner that you love them.

Also, make sure you appreciate everything they do for you and respond gracefully to all their demands.

Trusting each other, being able to handle conflicts, as well as communicating openly will certainly lead to a successful and long relationship, which will make you feel awesome even when you are doing the everyday boring things together.

Source: Unilad

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