This Enchanting Town In The Netherlands Has Streets Of Water


It is a fact that the most popular and widely known water city is Venice, but there are many other smaller, magical water towns across the world that look like fairy tales.

One exceptionally beautiful place that lies in calm waters is this small village called Giethoorn. It is located in the Overijssel province in northern Holland and only has around 2000 people living there. This little place is so romantic and peaceful, most of the time it’s so quiet that you won’t hear anything else than some birdsong or a quack of the ducks that roam the waters.

Transportation and things to do in the village

Giethoorn is located in the middle of the province’s canal system and transportation in the village is usually by boat. Many bridges are connecting some of the ground platforms, but all of the streets are water so if you want to visit someone that doesn’t live very close to you, you’d have to use a boat or a canoe.

Tourism in this little magic town is just starting to increase as more and more people discover its charm. The main thing to do here is to rent a boat or a canoe and sail around the town. There are many canal cruises that you can join and local skippers can give you a tour of their enchanting village.

Even though the village is small there are so many things to see and visit. The greenery surrounding it is very peaceful and the cottages give off a magical medieval vibe. Cycling is also a thing that you can do here as most of the village is connected by bicycle tracks. You can also go fishing or if you’re interested in history three museums in the village will bring the history of the place closer to you.

Places to stay in the village

The best way to enjoy everything this little place has to offer is to stay in some of the bed and breakfasts or hotels that they offer. But if you want to, you can just book a day visit from Amsterdam.

A 9-hour tour of the place with a small group of other people and a tourist guide is available at all times with prices starting from around $100. There is also a private 8-hour tour available that includes lunch and a couple of hours to freely explore the place on your own for which the price is around $390.

If you ever decide to visit this place, the beauty and magic of it will stay with you long after you leave.


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