Empaths And Their Peculiar Ways


You have met an empath and it is your wish to know his exact signs. Not everything you know is bad.

When you get to know all tricks that can help you to have psychic protection, then it would be easy for you to navigate this world and you will not be constantly energetically punched down.

Empaths are affected by the energies of other people and they can easily feel and perceive them. The desires, moods, thoughts, and wishes of other people influence their life. Being highly sensitive and being an empath is completely different. In this article, we will try to help empaths with some tips and tricks they can use to protect themselves.

1. You can easily take the energy of other people

You cannot do better than this. It is the key trait of being an empath. You know other people’s emotions and energy, and then you start vibrating them as well. If someone cries, you will cry as well. If someone is angry – it is easy for you this anger to burn you as well.

Someone is fearful and negative– you will sink low along with them and you cannot help it. Is this familiar to you? There is good news: when you start being consciously aware that this is not normal at that moment you will be halfway towards discovering the right solution. It is exhausting to vibrate other people feelings constantly.

2. You have a high natural intuition

You have a natural intuition. But maybe we all have. Well, the answer is no. You have special skills and other people do not have them. If you are an empath, it means that you are like clairsentient, except that they can sense things and they will not catch the emotion.

Instead of that, you will fell all things psychically. You are aware of other people’s feelings at the moment you look at them. You talk with them and you can realize their intentions and they do not have to say something. It is easy for you to understand how they think like they want to extend in you. This is easy because you know what to do.

3. People can drain you easily

It might be a problem for you. If you are around other people, it is easy for you to give and in the end, your problems or emotions will become tired. If you do this daily, and you give your energy to help others, then you will not have anything for you.

You will become more and more drained and sometimes angry, irritated, or feeling used. The way out is to pull back and to stop easily giving so much of yourself. You just have to give only to people close to you. Pamper yourself and take some “me” time.

4. You can attract broken people

Some people can sense when someone is giving to others and they will try to begin a friendship. Some people might approach you at work, in public places, etc, and the reason is that you send out a message that you can dedicate your time to people you do not know, you will listen to them and offer your help.

This can be nice, but until you run out of energy and time. If an empath begins to ignore strangers who have problems, they will stop approaching you immediately. They will not feel that you have a shoulder where they can cry. You are not alive to heal every person who will come on your way.

5. Crowds can affect you

For some people, it can be strange, but this is not strange to empaths. Crowded events, rooms, parties or streets can send your senses into an overloaded, huge muddle and you will experience simultaneous emotions that will come down to you all the time. If you use the proper shielding, you can annul this energy. You won’t feel other people’s energy or moods.

6. Your living location is very important

Some empaths have a curse to feel the pain of the world. Some just know the energy of the location they live in. A lot of empaths eventually live in small areas and they experience less energy from other people. If you live in a lively area, you can end up drained. Choose a country and peaceful area instead of a crime, or a hop and overpopulated area.

7. You are extremely sensitive

It is something that is given to you. It is not your wish to see someone suffering or living in pain. Some empaths could even experience physical symptoms. If they see violence on TV which is extreme in the end they will change the channel. If you watch an argument or an unpleasant scene, if you cannot help them you will leave.

8. You easily know if someone is lying

You know when someone lies. You are not aware of how this happens, you just know. You know who to trust this is easy for you.

9. It is your gift to heal emotionally

When you console other people you heal them and this is your gift. This is connected with number 4. The reason why you attract these people is that you can heal them. You can help those you love by understanding and listening. Not everyone does this and that is why you are special.

It is important to learn who you have to heal and who to leave. Many people will use you and then leave you. Learn your true friends and offer them this amazing gift. You have something real and amazing. Never downplay yourself just because you are an empath. Many would kill just to be your friend and to get healing every time they speak to you.

10. Empaths often ignore their problems

The last thing is that you can easily ignore your problems and you do have to talk about that. You are very busy healing other people, and you never manage to talk about the things you have to. You have to choose your own healing time.

You are aware that you are strong and amazing at dealing with problems, but you suppress your feeling so you can help others. You can dismiss this and you will not even realize it. In the end, you can break yourself down and that is why you have to deal with your problems and emotions.

Learn how to take care of your problems. Never stuff them down and this way you can help others as well. You will not meltdown, break or explode at some point.

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