Your Chronic Pain Is Trying To Tell You About Your Emotional State


The emotions can have a negative influence over chronic pain. Dr. Susan Babel (psychologist) says that emotions can affect chronic pain. Her studies show that sometimes chronic pain may not be a result of physical injury.

Sometimes it happens due to stress and emotional problems. In many cases, physical pain indicates that you need to work on your emotional side.

Find out what your chronic pain is trying to tell you about your emotional state.

1. Neck

Some people connect their neck problems with many strenuous activities, but that is a lie. Sometimes the pain happens due to lack of forgiveness. It means that you cannot forgive yourself or you cannot forgive someone about something they have done. The first thing you can do is think about everything that other people or you have done wrong. The second thing to do is forgive yourself and others. You will be relieved.

2. Head

Sometimes migraines and headaches mean that you are stressed. If you experience frequent migraines or headaches remember to slow down and take some “me – time”. And this does not mean to have “me – time” once in a month, but 1 time daily. You can do some relaxing techniques that will help you with the headaches.

3. Shoulders

The pain in your shoulders means that you are facing some emotional difficulties. You also need to share the problems or the burden with your loved ones and figure out how to solve the problem together.

4. Upper back

The pain in your upper back means that you do not have enough emotional support. People who do not feel appreciated and people who are not able to express their emotions may suffer from pain in the upper back. If you are in a serious relationship talk with him/her about your problems. People who are single need to try and find a partner.

5. Lower back

The pain in the lower back is connected with financial problems. Remember that complaining is the wrong thing to do. Instead of that try and manage your money more responsibly. Another thing that you can do is consult with a financial planner or ask for a raise.

6. Elbows

This pain means that you are not flexible enough. People and things around us indeed change, but for most of us is difficult to accept this fact. Do not forget that changes are good for you.

7. Hands

Pain in your hands may mean that you are not socializing enough. You need to hang out more with your friends or try and make some new friends. Attend social events and have fun.

8. Hips

The pain in your hips is a sign that you need to make a very important decision in your life. But you do not have to be worried. We all make decisions every day. Remember to analyze and then make the first step. Make a good plan and go for it.

9. Calves

This pain indicates that you are either jealous or under a lot of pressure and stress. Remember that jealousy is not good for anyone. Another thing that you need to do is eliminate the stress in your life.

10. Ankles

Pain in the ankles indicates that you do not enjoy life. It will be good for you if you have more fun.

11. Feet

This type of chronic pain is connected to depression. It is a very difficult situation and you can do some things that may get you out of it. You can adopt a cat, dog, etc. or you can make some positive changes in your life.


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