Research Has Proven That Dogs Know A Bad Person When They See Them


Dogs have been the most loyal pet throughout human existence, and there are countless cases around the world where dogs have done something amazing for their owners that saved their lives or proved their selfless and unconditional love.

At Kyoto University, Japan, researchers made a study and they found out that dogs can sense if a human is worth their love and trust.

In the study, they examined the behavior of 34 different dogs in 3 rounds of experiments.

The first round involved people pointing to a box that had food for the dogs. The dogs would go to the box with food and eat the treat. The second round involved the same conditions except the boxes were now empty and when the dogs ran towards them they would be disappointed to see that there was no food inside. The third round involved the same people and same conditions as the first round, the boxes had hidden food inside but the dogs now didn’t want to run towards them because they were tricked in the second round so they didn’t believe the people after that.

The leader of the research, Akiko Takaoka was surprised at how fast the dogs lost their trust in a person.

But this research isn’t the only one that has tested the ability of a dog to know who to trust. Another research from Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews showed that dogs could decide which person to trust just by looking at the people.

This research had three groups – one of the people that owned dogs, the other for helping strangers, and the third one for strangers that were not helpful. The point of the research was the owners of the dogs should ask strangers for help. The dogs observed all the social interactions between those who helped their owners and those who didn’t and in the end, they didn’t want to receive anything from the people that weren’t kind and helpful to their owners.

All in all, this proves that dogs aren’t just animals that only listen and obey, but they have deeper intelligence and complexity that still amazes us.

Source: BBC || MyPositiveOutlooks


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