Do You Think You’re Being Manipulated? Here Are Some Tips To Find Out


It is hard to know when we are being manipulated by others, and people who are skilled at manipulation, play their games so that they’re very difficult to discover them.

We’re giving you some signs that might help you find out you are being manipulated.

Try to find out if the person has manipulated others before

The easiest way to see if a person is a manipulator is to dig through his past, and if they’ve already done that to someone else, the chances are very high that they will do it again, and they might do it to you.

Their personality is fast-paced – they react quickly, and they talk fast

They like doing things the fast way, especially they like to build relationships fast. That way they won’t get too attached to the person and after using them they will move on more efficiently.

They don’t have much patience

If you don’t show interest in helping them achieve their goals, manipulators might get very impatient and bored. They need some change of environment to keep them excited. They will try to get away from you quickly if you fail to prove yourself helpful and resourceful.

In the end, you will look like the bad guy

You will feel like you’re not good enough for them and that whatever you do or say, you turn out to be the bad one. They will act as a victim to pull others into their manipulative web so they will do anything to make you seem like the tormentor.

Manipulators know your feelings well, and they use that against you

They will do everything that’s in their power to get to know you as best as they could so their knowledge of you becomes their tool for manipulation. By knowing how you feel, they can control you emotionally by doing things that they benefit from.

Source: HigherPerspectives

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