Crying During Movies Is A Trait Of Strong People


There are a lot of people who cry during movies, or while reading books or listening to music.

This mostly depends on their hormone level. Even though a lot of people can find this funny you should be fine with it. To be honest, those who cry during movies have something that a lot of people have not cultivated and it is called empathy.

Only special people have empathy. A lot of sociopaths and narcissists are born without it and they live their lives without trying to put themselves in other peoples’ shoes. It means that they are not able to feel anything for other people.

Empathy deficiency might come very handy in rare cases, and it is not always a good thing. It is important to be strong if you care about others. For some people, life can be brutal and if you can put yourself in their shoes and feel their pain, well it says something about you.

You are very strong and you can withstand that pain. It means you are strong for other people. You can be strong to the point to feel exactly what they are feeling. It is not wimpy to care for others, even the other person is a fictional character. This shows that you have a heart, which can be broken even for other people.

However, even when it is broken it will be whole again when the movie is over. If you can recover quickly and it means that you can bounce back easily and you are smart and strong to make a difference between reality and fiction.

This is not the only reason why some people tend to cry during movies. It can mean that they have experienced something that the character is experiencing and it brings back a lot of memories.

Another type of tears is those caused when they are overwhelmed with the amazing movie. It is called the Stendhal Syndrome in advanced forms. This means that a piece of art has moved you to a certain point that you have emotional and physical symptoms.

For those who can be moved by art, listening to a good song, watching a really good movie might be a test of their ability to keep a straight face. In some cases, it can be a roller coaster, where you have to embrace all of your emotions.

For this, you will need a lot of courage. Some people might think that this is not a characteristic of a strong person. It is more than that, it is emotional strength called empathy.

Also, it is proven that crying can have positive effects. It can improve your mood and it can help you to reduce stress. Tears will clean and protect the eyes and help with your nose. So besides the fact that crying means you are strong and empathic, you will also get its benefits.

Do not worry and get a tissue for your next movie.


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