Crying – A Sign Of Emotional Intelligence


Many times, we try to keep our tears in, but letting them out sometimes can be a good thing. Crying is natural and everyone does it so doing it from time to time won’t make you look weak.

In general, people believe that if you express your emotions openly, especially the negative ones that show a person’s inability to control themselves and that they’re immature, but that is not true at all. That’s a sign that a person’s emotional intelligence is on a higher level.

The general definition for the term emotional intelligence is one person’s ability to understand and show their feelings. Letting some teardrops fall from your eyes is a way of expressing and showing your feelings, so if you do not do it and suppress your emotions, you’re just going to make yourself feel sad inside, those unexpressed feelings can build up and make your everyday life even more negative.

If you are a person whose day passes making pretend how everything is all right even when it is not, then you need to release your emotions. If you disregard your emotions and let them build up, that will leave a feeling of emptiness and helplessness inside you. All of us need to realize that there is nothing wrong when we feel certain things.

Crying is beneficial for our emotional stability. It can help a person move on or help process all the stuff you’re going through. It releases all the feelings that have built up in us and after crying we generally feel better. Crying opens up our soul and makes us address our feelings, and at the end properly move on, rather than running away from them.

Crying is also very beneficial for you. It can help reduce our stress levels and it can also help you see more clearly about your future. It has a calming effect and once we finish crying we usually feel much better and much calmer.

Dr. Judith Orloff wrote some things on her website regarding crying and emotional release:

All in all, you should never try to suppress your feelings and force yourself not to cry. If you feel the need to cry, then you should do it. Know that crying has many more benefits for our health and it shouldn’t change the way people look at you.

Source: Psychology Today, Judith Orloff, Awareness Act

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