Be A True Friend Yourself If You Want To Have True Friends


If you are a loyal friend yourself, then it’s easier to find a loyal friend as well. It is certain, however, that true and long-lasting friendships aren’t built overnight.

You need to invest in them a lot of time – months, even years. Now we can get into the details of how good of a friend you wish to be.

If you’re the loner type, the best friend you can wish for is the kind of friend you always wished to have.

You need to be a type of friend that picks up the phone and calls your friend whenever you think about them, and give little presents just for the sake of seeing a smile on their face. If you see that you haven’t been in touch for a longer time than usual, be the one that texts them and ask what’s going on.

Be a good listener, and show that you’re interested in hearing their stories and happenings because they do matter to you. Keep your promises, and be there for them when they need you.

Be the type of friend that isn’t afraid to show emotions, give them your undivided attention and tell them how much you care for them.
Be there for them when they’re ill and always encourage them to follow their dreams and ambitions.

You should be the one they can count on no matter what.

Be that type of friend that always stands up for them and shares their struggles. Make sure that you are the one they can count on when they need someone.

Be the friend that however busy you are, you can always find some time to spend with them. Be happy for their success as if it was your own.

Be the friend that never gives up on them even if you fight sometimes or they get on your nerves.

You need to fight for your friendship as if your life depends on it and never abandon each other.

Real friendship love is selfless and unconditional. Love your friend and don’t expect anything in return.

Be a friend who gives more than they take and be there for each other at any cost. Hold on to each other and value real friendship because it is priceless.

Source: IHeartIntelligence

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