Avoiding People That Are Harmful To Your Emotional Well-Being Is A Sign Of Wisdom


Certain qualities that people have are very harmful to your emotional health and you should avoid them.

Here are some of them:

Selfish people

However you might put it, selfishness is a bad quality. It is fine to try to take care of yourself, but always putting yourself and your interests before others is a thing that will make all your friends and relatives distance themselves from you.


Narcissism and egoism will push people away from you in any social situation. Constantly talking about how amazing you are, shows everyone that your ego is too big and not many people can stand that. Your opinion matters, but don’t make it seem like yours is the only one that does.

Self-righteous people

People that are overly self-righteous love to shove that down other people’s throats and nobody likes that. There’s absolutely no reason to be acting like that because that will push people away from you.

Lazy People

Laziness is maybe one of the biggest sins of all. By being lazy it just shows that nobody is important to you except yourself. When you get a call from your friends inviting you to go out or hang out, and you refuse to do it because you want to sit and watch TV or play video games all day, then eventually they will stop communicating with you.

People that complain

Sometimes it’s good to complain about stuff to get it off your chest. If you complain, you need to try to do something to fix the thing you’re complaining about, but when you do it just for the sake of complaining, then it gets on people’s nerves very easily.

Source: Higher Perspectives

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