Australian Soldiers Helping Koalas Affected By The Bushfires


The fires that were raging across Australia a couple of weeks ago are burning with much lower intensity, but they continue to lay waste to New South Wales and North East Victoria.

For the last few months, an enormous number of volunteers have been giving their best to help fight the fires. Some were fighting the fires upfront, others did charity work or relief efforts to aid people and animals together.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently asked three thousand reserve soldiers to help with fighting the fires and with evacuation missions and they have been working hard for days.

This photo of some soldiers from the feeding baby koalas has been really popular lately.

Despite their hard work during their shifts, many of the soldiers decide to continue helping their country and the people and animals that live there even in their off-time.

The 16th Regiment Emergency Support Force shared some photos of their soldiers helping baby koalas on their social media, and they’ve been going viral.

Not long ago, captain Garnett Hall, an army vet at a hospital in Perth, has been deployed to Kangaroo Island where he and his team got the task to help with the huge number of injured animals in the wildlife park there.

He has always loved animals and medicine, and during his childhood, he grew up with many animals around him – wild ones and domestic ones, so he knew that he is going to be either a human doctor or a vet.

Some soldiers didn’t want to rest so they decided to go and help these cute koalas that lost their homes.

The 9th Brigade, Australian Army posted a picture on their Facebook page where a bunch of soldiers is holding baby koalas that lost their habitats in the fires. Under the picture, they posted:

About the koala situation, Garnett Hall explained:

One of the tasks for the soldiers was to build mounts so that koalas can climb on them in the new parks.

Another task for the soldiers was the preparation and making of new onsite areas where koalas could walk freely. This included building mounts that help these animals climb trees so that they can run away from predators or stay in the shade of the trees when it’s too hot.

When asked about how challenging it is to take proper care for the baby koalas, captain Garnet Hall said:

Some vets from the 9th brigade also went to Kangaroo Island to help the wildlife park there. The situation for all animals is very bad everywhere in Australia, but Koalas have been hit hard. They are being given extra care because most of them have their paws and faces are burned.

9th brigade’s post on Facebook went viral. For only a couple of days, it got shared more than 43000 times.

In a video, on the YouTube channel of the Australian Army, captain Garnet Hall expressed his gratitude and happiness about the help he received from the soldiers:

The captain also wishes that people were more aware of the situations koalas have found themselves in because according to him, they are extraordinary animals.

He also encourages people to visit Australia and learn more about these exciting creatures.

Source/photos: Australian Army, 9th Brigade – Australian Army, BoredPanda


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