As Soon As The Newborn Baby Recognize His Father’s Voice, She Greeted Him With A Smile


It is known that there is a strong bond between fathers and daughters. The story of Flavio Dantas from Brazil is a case in point.

Every morning, Flavio used to speak to her daughter even when the baby was still in the belly of her mother. His wife, Tarsila Batista explained that Flavio used to tell her daughter that she would be always there for her. At that moment, the baby used to kick and move in her mother`s belly.

Antonella, Flavios` daughter was born on 11th of January, 2019 – a father`s day in Brazil.

Antonella was given to her parents while she was sleeping. When the doctors put the baby on the top of her mother, Flavio approached and said hello to the baby twice. At that moment, Antonella woke up and greeted him with a big smile.

Flavio and Tarsila took a photo of her smile and shared it. The photo immediately went viral all over the world.


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Generally, 16 weeks after conception babies can process sounds and after 26 weeks they can respond to noises that come from the outside world.

Source/photos: antonella.vilela, Theepoch Times

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