Are You Getting To That Age Where You Don’t Care If People Are Impressed By You?


People say that as you grow older you become wiser, but age doesn’t only make us wiser, it also makes us not care about whether people are impressed by us and whether they like us or don’t.

Some people don’t let their age define them, but there are some positive and negative sides of growing old. You can drive, you can buy alcohol, you’re more mature, but you can’t do all the things that you love.

The one thing that doesn’t change with the years is our constant search for happiness, joy, comfort, and love. As people become older they tend to compare their lives with other people and start to lose the ability to enjoy their own lives and experiences.

People are dependent on the expectations of others. That’s why all our happiness and sadness depend on how other people affect us.

A desire to impress people

Every person has an internal desire to impress other people and feel special. Sometimes, impressing people is not a bad thing, but most of the time when we fail to do so, we start to feel inadequate, worthless and embarrassed, so we cave in. Some might even feel like they’re in constant competition with everyone.

When we meet someone new, we feel like we need to be better than everyone else that person has met to gain their attention. This desire to impress is the main reason behind people striving for better jobs, being more motivated, getting a better house, but there’s a simple problem with this – when we achieve something, a new thing will appear that might be better than the one we’ve done, so it becomes a never-ending cycle of us struggling to achieve some social status that is unreachable.

How to stop worrying if people are impressed by you

Stop going through life just to impress others. Change the reasons for all your choices from being outward to ones that match your interests, values, and desires so you will get a sense of internal happiness and fulfillment.

Here are six practical tips on how to stop trying to impress others.

  • If you’re in a group of friends, try to take the lead and start a new trend.
  • Try something new that you haven’t tried or even thought of before.
  • Start conversations and have a positive attitude towards everyone.
  • Don’t compliment something that’s not worthy of compliments, this will show that you value your opinion.
  • Talk about inspiring things that motivate more instead of gossiping about mainstream culture stuff
  • If all of your friends are still striving for attention and trying to impress others, try meeting new people.

If you break free from the chains that are the struggle to impress others you will find what truly means to you and what makes you truly happy.

Source: FamilyLifeGoals

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