An Ingenious Creation: People Who Love To Sit Cross-Legged Will Be Amazed


If you’re reading this sitting down, especially if you’re sitting cross-legged, then this thing is just for you. The cross-legged sitting position is the most comfortable one for the majority of people.

Something is relaxing about tucking your leg under the other one, but you’re very likely to get cramps for sitting in that position for a longer period, and because the blood flow is a little bit restricted, you might feel some pain in your knees and calves.

The American company Health by Design started selling its new chair called Soul Seat last year. That chair is specially designed to make cross-legged sitting even more relaxing and to reduce the side effects like cramps and pains.

This chair is comprised of two fully adjustable parts: a top part for sitting, and a bottom part where you can cross your legs and still keep the blood flowing optimally. The chair’s legs are also detachable if you wish to place it straight on the floor.


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The company says that this chair is very beneficial in keeping and improving your seating posture. When we sit on it, our pelvis is tilted a little bit forward and our hips are open, which helps the spine sit in a normal position.

This chair got patented by the US patent office for its uniqueness and innovative design.

The chair is very useful for yoga too.

The inventor of the chair, Matthews, had been practicing yoga for a little bit before he got the idea for the Soul Seat. When he made the chair, he said that his yoga exercises were more comfortable than ever, and he hadn’t been feeling any pain which he previously felt when doing the poses for a longer time. He could even do some poses that he wasn’t able to do before.


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He came up with this chair with yogis and people who love to sit cross-legged in Malaysia in his mind, and people in Malaysia really love it, so we can say it is a real success.

People in Asia are usually accustomed to sitting in a cross-legged position from the earliest ages, so many posts on social media from Malaysian people featuring this chair got popular.

But if you would like to get one for yourself, the price is not so low. The regular Soul Seat is selling for $975 and the model for only floor sitting is priced at $575. Some variants such as the Bamboo Soul Seat reach a price of $1,200. They are expected to wear out a little in time, just as normal furniture does, the company states.

The chairs can come in different colors and materials, so if you have a preference you can choose the one that fits you the best.

Source/photos: My Soul Sea, The Hearty Soul

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