An American Woman Living In Italy Gives A Covid-19 Warning To All Americans


Cristina Higgins, an American living in Italy, has not left her apartment for more than two weeks. She reads the Covid-19 updates regularly. Bergamo, the place where she lives, is at the heart of the Coronavirus and is under government-ordered home isolation for some time.

Cristina wrote a post on Facebook, where she explained the situation in Italy. Her post immediately went viral. She wrote this post to show people that the only way to stop the Coronavirus is to restrict contagion.


The Corona Virus devastated Italy because it spreads fast and infected people need weeks of ICU. Italy went on lockdown and if the number of contagions does not stop to increase, the system of Italy will collapse. Also, the number of medical staff, nurses, and doctors is limited and is working non-stop. The doctors began to decide whose life will be saved.

Italy has already limited people`s movement and closed down all schools and stores, except groceries and pharmacies.

She pointed out that we have a chance to stop the Coronavirus to spread in our country. She advised us to put down all parties, gatherings, work and stay at home. People are also writing on social media about how important is to stay at home and prevent the virus to spread.

Stay at home and keep safe!

Source:  Facebook _ Cristina Higgins

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