All I’ve Learned In Life, My Daughter Taught Me


My daughter is such an influence in my life, I almost can’t remember what I was like before she was born I never really began to live until she came into the world to teach me what living was truly about.

It’s though her eyes that I now see things and through her heart that I now discover things I never knew before. Because of her, I’m amazed with each passing day the wonders that are in store.

Here are the life lessons I’ve learned from my precious daughter:

I’ve Learned that Time is Precious

Before my daughter was born, I often found myself bored, trying to find ways to pass the time. Now that she is here, I hang on to every moment of every day and time just seems to keep flying. I treasure the times we share together and dread the time we spend apart. I know even when she’s grown, I’ll have the precious memories in my heart.

I’ve Discovered that Making Memories is Priceless

It’s easy to get sidetracked with the hustle and bustle of daily living. My daughter causes me to determine not to waste days on things that, in the long run, don’t matter at all. She is an ever-present reminder to savor the sweet times together.

I Now Realize that Every Day is a Gift from God Above

I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve my daughter and then I realize, there is nothing I could have done to earn such a blessing. She is an angel, a gift from God above. My daughter fills my days with laughs and 9smiles and floods my heart with love.

I’ve Learned that Love and Laughter go Hand-in-Hand

When life gets to me and it seems that my world is crashing down, my daughter turns it all around. She is there to lighten up the darkness and to change my tears to laughter. She brings me joy in amidst my sadness. Together, there’s nothing we can’t get through and nothing we can’t do. With her in my life, as long as there is love, there is laughter because she makes sure of it.


I Suddenly See that Strength is Made Perfect in Weakness

My daughter is a pillar of strength. It’s sometimes in her weakness though that I notice how strong she is. When she is scared, she bravely finds a way to get through it. When she faces adversity, she does it with grace and determination.

She’s always willing to face her fears and grows stronger each time she does so. If only I was half as strong as she is, I’d be the strongest man alive.

Yes, indeed…all the lessons I have learned in life, I have been fortunate enough to learn from my daughter and I treasure every lesson along the way. For in my life, my daughter is, by far, my very heart and forever will be…my biggest blessing in every way.

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