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A Few Of Many Great Lessons You Can Learn From Kids


Many people believe that children until they grow up, have only one purpose in life – to be guided by and submit to adults.

But that’s far from the truth. Kids are models that adults should learn from. If you want to lead a healthier and more productive life, we offer you some of the many lessons you can learn from kids:

Say your opinion

Young kids, are very honest in what they say and do most of the time. They show their emotions with actions. They dance, jump or laugh when they are happy, and cry, grumble or scream when they’re sad or mad.

They aren’t worried about what other people might say about them, they just express their feelings. Because of this, they aren’t filled with repressed emotions and that is why they’re relaxed and carefree.

Adults, on the other hand, frequently suppress their emotions and thoughts to protect someone else or to protect themselves. They behave according to some norms and standards and try to fit in, constantly worrying about what other people think about them.

The things that kids do to express their emotions might be thought of as negative if adults do them. For example if an adult cries, people might think that they have a weak personality, or if they start dancing when they’re happy, they might come off as crazy. So in fear of the opinions of other people, adults choose to put a mask on and hide their true emotions. But all that needs a lot of energy so they make big efforts to suppress their emotions which may lead to more serious psychological problems.

Live for the moment

Adults tend to live their lives according to a schedule or plan that they made ahead constantly worrying about time and deadlines. Good time organization is a very useful skill in life, but living this way constantly doesn’t allow you to fully enjoy in the moment and all the things that are happening around you right now.

Children perceive time differently than adults. They aren’t led by appointments, deadlines or meeting times, they live their lives with open minds and that enables them to fully enjoy and grasp everything that is going on around them. By trying to approach reality in a way a kid does, you can get closer to enjoying at the moment, instead of living your life on a timetable.

Appreciate the mysteries of the world

Every child’s mind is full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered – existence itself, the universe, colors, sounds, and scents. Kids marvel at the world and find great excitement in discovering the things that surround them.

Their minds are open to learning about anything and they love to explore and discover new things. Adults, however, aren’t that keen on learning and admiring the world.

They live their stressful, boring lives and forget about the beauty of the world that surrounds them, so they can’t appreciate it. We need to remind ourselves that life is a gift given to us so we need to appreciate it as much as we can.

Why so serious?

Children enjoy playing, whether it be playing in the mud, with animals or together with other kids. Through playing they discover and learn new things, it’s really fun as well.

Kids find great joy in this kind of involvement, which adults do not do frequently enough. Here’s a piece of advice for you, you don’t have to play with a specific reason, just do it because it’s really fun.

Try to go back to innocence

Innocence hides in the eyes of every child – take a look in them and you’ll see a world free from shame, and guilt and full of sincere emotions and intentions. However, as we grow up, we lose that innocence that was with us since birth.

Adults are afraid to express their feelings. They often do not trust their peers and they just cave in to protect themselves from being hurt. Innocence is lost when adults acquire traits like intelligence, competitiveness, aggressiveness so they fill themselves with shame, misery, and guilt.

When we are in a presence of a child, it helps us bond with innocence one more time, so if we succeed in connecting with our inner child, that will bring a new beauty in our lives.

Source: Wake Up Your Mind

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