A Couple From Sweden Built Their House Inside A Greenhouse So That They Can Grow Food And Stay Warm During Winter


Charles Siciotto and Marie Granmar, a Swedish couple, built their environmentally friendly home inside a greenhouse in order to provide heat and food during winters.

Even though the temperature in January, in Sweden, is below freezing, the house of Marie and Charles, is warm.

According to Maries, the greenhouse located around their home permits them to lower the energy they use for heating it.

The heating period in Sweden lasts from September until May, so this greenhouse helps them reduce the months they need to heat their homes from nine to six.

In addition, in the summertime, when it is sunny outside, the rooftop of the greenhouse opens up, preventing being hot inside. The rooftop deck can also be used for performing various activities, such as sunbathing, playing games or reading.

Not only the greenhouse keeps them warm, but also their plants. In the greenhouse, they have a lot of space for growing plants.

The temperature in the greenhouse allows them to grow plants that are not typical for the Sweden climate. Therefore, they can grow grapes, figs, cucumbers, tomatoes, apple, and cherry trees.

In order to obtain free water, Marie and Charles set up a rainwater collection and a free fertilizer system for their plants. In turn, the plants cleanse the air and provide oxygen.

They are now trying to develop a solar system that can capture excess energy during summer and keep it for winter.

Bengt Warne, built a Naturehouse in Stockholm in 1974, which inspired Marie and Charles to build a home inside a greenhouse.

Source/photos: Fair Companies


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