Recognize The Differences: 7 Ways To Spot A “Fake” Nice Person


We are all surrounded and communicate with a huge number of people every day. However, only a small part of them can be said to be friends and people with whom we can share our problems and joys.

Often, we are fooled by someone’s good behavior and we start to think of that person as a friend, and then we realize that all this good behavior was just acting, in order to achieve a personal goal. Keep an eye on the following signs in the people around you and you will immediately notice who really takes care of you and wish you success and well-being, and who only pretends to be your friend.

1. Trust your intuition

Although we can’t know what a person is thinking, according to one scientific research claims that we get an impression of a person in less than 7 seconds, so in 7 seconds we know whom we are dealing with. Trust your instinct, that feeling in your stomach. There is no logic here.

You will simply recognize the feeling. When you feel a sense of pleasure and when you feel good about something, it means you will be fine. If you have a feeling that something is wrong, then something is wrong. Recognize the feeling and believe in your inner voice, your intuition, and let it guide you.

2. Flatterers

These are people who loudly flatter you for one reason – so that you can take advantage of you. “Whatever you do is good, nobody does it better than you” – is a usual sentence used by flatterers only to get what they want. Recognize the flatterer who constantly says this. Remember that the only goal is to get what they want, not to worry about you.

3. Manipulators

The flatterer is also a manipulator, but besides them, there are other types of manipulators. A separate article on this subject could be written, but there are several features that will help you identify the manipulator: they play the role of a good-natured friend, they make you feel guilty, they like to play with the feelings of other people, if you have a problem – their problem is a hundred times bigger than yours, they are jealous people who always criticize and ridicule.

4. They don’t have time for you

Real friends can always find time for you. Whether it is a coffee talk on a Sunday morning or a short call after work they’ll always have time for you.

5. They don’t support you

Real friends always give support unless your choices are really harmful. True friends support your goals, choices, and dreams, whatever they are.

6. They wear different masks for everyone

Your friend will say that she/he doesn’t like someone, but when you’re not around, they are best friends with that person. In a strange desire to please everyone, this person is dishonest. They are “nice” – but it’s fake nice.

7. Their stories do not add up

False people tell lies. This will certainly not surprise you, but you need to be careful because even nice people say white lies every now and then. But if you are savvy enough, you will easily notice that their stories don’t add up.

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