7 Reasons Why Dogs Are And Always Will Be Man’s Best Friend


Pets are amazing and dog especially. They are always excited to see us and we’re excited to be around them whether they’re barking or howling, asking for food, running around the house, going for walks – they just make our lives a lot happier.

We have chosen some reasons why dogs are and forever will be man’s best friends.

They keep us company

Dogs make for great companions when you’re feeling lonely or depressed. Your dog will always be there by your side to share your emotions. When you have a dog, you get used to their company so your home feels empty when they’re not around. Dogs are just a walking pile of happiness and they’re considered a blessing. That’s why they’re man’s best friend.

Dogs can connect with their owner deeply

When you show love to your dog and treat them well, they know how to appreciate that and they can quickly become your best friend. They will be sad when you go out, and they will jump from excitement when you come back. The love that a dog can have for you in their heart is amazing and that bond cannot be broken.

Dogs are willing to risk their life for you

Dogs are willing to risk anything for their puppies or their owners. They would go in many different situations for you, and we know that they will do it that’s why we feel that great connection with them.

Having a dog around has benefits for our health

Dogs always help brighten our moods regardless of how stressful we feel. When we spend time with them or play with them, it effectively helps our mental well-being and at the same time, we’re doing some physical exercise while playing with them or walking them.

Dogs can save our lives. There are many cases of dogs being trained to take care of their owners who suffer from depression or diabetes, and it is widely known that they’re of tremendous help to blind people. They also have a sense of some diseases like cancer.

We can learn a lot about life from dogs

Dogs are one of the happiest creatures on earth. We can learn from them how to be happy and enjoy living in the moment. Dogs simply breathe inspiration for a better life in us, and that’s why we love them so much. They can teach us how to enjoy all the details of our lives no matter how small or insignificant they might seem.

Both the dogs and their owners benefit from a good relationship between them

As we spend time with them, the connection we have with our dog grows stronger and very special for both the owner and the dog. We give the dog a warm home, love, shelter, and food.

On the other hand, dogs keep us company, they are loyal to us and give their affection to us. No other animal on this planet can maintain a relationship and a connection this deep with a human. Both parties can feel the benefit of being around each other.

Dogs enjoy in their life

Dogs enjoy the simple things in their lives such as waking up every morning, greeting you, playing, eating and sleeping. Simple things make dogs happy.

Humans do have more responsibilities but we need to learn how to take some time off our busy schedules and just enjoy the simple things in life, without any care of how other things might affect us. But if you can’t afford that, when you have a dog around, you can enjoy these things through them, and it’s almost always worth it to have a dog around to keep you company.

All in all, the dog is the friend that you can only wish for, so return the love and you’ll have yourself a companion that loves you unconditionally.

Source: IHeartIntelligence

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