6 Year-Old Girl Is Making Clay Koala To Help Animals Affected By The Australian Bushfires


Everyone on this planet can make a difference, proof that your age and size don’t matter to make a good deed is Owen Colley from Hingham, Massachusetts who is only six years old, and he’s making koalas from clay to help the animals who died in Australia’s fires. He has already raised over 240,000 Australian dollars in donations.

For an interview, Owen’s mother said that he was distressed when he found out how much damage has the fires in Australia done, especially to the wildlife. His father is originally from Sydney, and he has visited Australia a couple of times so he felt a connection with the country and he felt like it needed his help.

All these unfortunate events made Owen draw some heartwarming pictures, and for the first time in his life wish for something else than only LEGOs.


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He wanted to help somehow, so together with his family, they thought of the idea to make baby koalas from clay. At first, they planned the clay koalas to be gifts for anyone who would donate more than 50 dollars to the Wildlife Rescue South Coast.

But very soon they surpassed all their expectations and very quickly reached their goal of one thousand dollars. So they started a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of five thousand dollars. As news spread about his cute clay koalas, during their first week of the GoFundMe campaign, they raised more than 240,000 dollars, and donations are still arriving.

These cute koalas became so popular, Owen’s mother bought all the clay in the area that they lived in and it still wasn’t enough. They’re having trouble trying to find enough clay to make a koala for everyone that needs to receive one, but they say eventually everyone that donated bigger than 50 dollars will get a clay koala.

They were since contacted by some clay companies willing to send them the clay they need, and friends and family have already started helping them in the making of these cute clay koalas, as donations aren’t even close to stopping.


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Owen’s donations were greatly appreciated and welcomed by the Wildlife Rescue South Coast which is located in one of the most severely damaged areas. They have been working hard to save as many animals as possible, but the situation was so desperate they had to call for help on January the 7th.

In one of their posts, they said:

The bush fires that caught all over Australia are burning on more than 26 million acres of area. They already destroyed thousands of homes, 30 people have lost their lives and over a billion animals are considered to be dead and their habitats destroyed.

Some experts estimate that the earth will need dozens of years to be able to recover from such a huge disaster.

Owen’s help couldn’t have come at a more needed time.

Source: Mashable

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