6-Month Old Koala Stayed By His Mom’s Side During Life-Saving Surgery


The strongest power on Earth is the love between a mother and her offspring. Likewise, people, animal mums are also attached to their young ones, regardless of the species.Here is a heart-melting video about the incredibly strong bond between a baby koala and its mum.

A mother koala, called Lizzy, was hit by a car and she faced serious injuries, such as a punctured lung and facial trauma.

Lizzy had to undergo surgery treatment, so her joey, named Phantom, stayed by her side, hugging her during the entire surgery.

The vet realized it would be better for both of them to stay together and provide each other comfort because splitting them could traumatize them additionally, making them feel anxious.

The operation was performed in the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital founded by Steve Irwin, known as the “Crocodile Hunter”.


Lizzy’s lung was successfully repaired and she is expected to recover completely.
Koalas are social animals, native to Australia. They are tree-dwelling and plant-eating animals which usually feed on eucalyptus leaves.

Although they have no tail, they have an excellent sense of balance as well as strong limbs and muscular body which help them support their weight when climbing.

They have unique social behavior. Although they are considered to be solitary animals, koalas do exhibit certain aspects of social behavior which can be categorized depending on their maternal life, breeding, scent-marking, and vocalization.

They also have an extremely strong bond with their mothers. Baby koalas stay in their mum’s pouches for the first seven months and are weaned when they are one year old.



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