3 “Bad” Habits That All Intelligent People Have In Common


If you are having trouble getting up early, tidying up your room and watching your language, don’t give up.

You probably are a highly intelligent person. Some of these habits that are associated with poor behavior may be features of people with high intelligence. These are the 3 most common bad habits that intelligent people have.

1. They don’t go to bed early

Satoshi Kanazawa, a well-known psychologist, said that very often intelligent people stay awake late. Compared to less intelligent people, intelligent individuals go to bed later at the weekend, or when they don’t have any obligation the next morning.

They also wake up later. On the other hand, night owls are much more creative. They find it much easier to find alternative solutions to some problems, unlike the early birds.

Charles Darwin, Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, and Keith Richards were/are all night owls, so if you have this habit you might a highly intelligent person!

2. They are messy

Ben Franklin was a really messy guy, even though he was trying to get rid of that trait for 60 years. He was even convinced that if he was more organized he would have been much more successful. But his success may be due to his messiness.

In a study conducted in 2016, researchers have discovered a link between intelligence and being messy. According to the psychologist Catelyn Vohs, the messy environment can serve as an inspiration to abandon tradition, which in turn enables coming up with new ideas. When the environment is tidy, the person feels safe and doesn’t try to do new things.

3. Use curses

One study inspected the hypothesis that people use curses because of the lack of words in their vocabulary, which means they are not smart.

In the study, there were respondents aged 18 to 22 and each of them was asked to think of as many curses as they can in 60 seconds.

They had to do the same with animals, as this showed the researchers if the respondents are verbally intelligent or not. In a second experiment, the second group of 49 people was asked to write curse words and animal names beginning with the letter a, also for 60 seconds.

The results were impressive: Respondents recalled more than 530 curse words and this refuted the stereotypes that people who swear are less intelligent. The larger vulgar vocabulary was actually associated with greater verbal intelligence.

But, as the researchers noticed, there was one exception. If curse words are just part of your everyday vocabulary, then it’s okay. But if you intentionally call women with bad and abusive words this doesn’t mean that you are smart.

Well, if you utter a couple of curse words from time to time, if you can’t fall asleep before midnight and if you forget to make the bed, don’t feel bad. But, don’t let these habits have a bad influence on your relationships, friendships, and your life.

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