The Truth Of Attracting: 11 Secrets How To Attract Your Soulmate


Finding your soul mate looks like a lot of work. We go through life with a lot of expectations about how our partner is going to be like.

We tried everything, dating sites, blind dates. It shouldn’t be so difficult to find it. He/she is out there and is waiting for us.

1. Be Happy

Happiness truly is contagious. And we all strive for pleasure. Happiness is the highest vibration in our bodies. When we live our lives with happy vibration then we attract all those things we want. Nobody wants to stay in an unhealthy relationship. Thus happiness is a fantastic way to get others to be with you.

2. Be honest

Do you know what you want from your partner? Be honest about the things you want and the things you won’t tolerate. You can’t attract the right person if you are based on vagueness and lies, so you should be honest with yourself and your partner. Only you can know whom you want to live with.

3. Don’t settle down immediately

You can’t attract your soul mate if you are going out with someone in the meantime just to fill your time. You don’t need to be forever alone, but the universe can’t send you your life partner while you are with someone whom you know is not right for you. Leave them alone, stop being afraid of loneliness.

4. Visualize

Everybody has an idea about how the right person for them should be. Use it to attract your own soul mate. Visualize this person. Write down in your journals the traits that you look for in the partner. Make specific lists of traits that you want from your love, partner, friend, and father of your child.

5. Cure the wounds of the past

You can’t get a healthy relationship when you still keep disappointments from the previous relationships. If you get into a relationship too quickly, and the wounds of past relationships aren’t cured, it may happen that you bring the same problems into a new relationship, and you are repeating the same mistakes again.

6. Your life should be a playground

You have to make your life a playground and share it with others. Enjoy the ability to be alone with yourself. Be creative. Learn something new, choose a hobby that fills your soul. The other person won’t cure your loneliness. Your partner can even amplify such emotions. You have to learn to have fun with yourself and enjoy some me-time.

7. Forgive yourself

Why forgiveness is important to attract a soul mate? It’s because forgiveness frees us. It lets your vibration rise and stop feeling pain. And forgiveness is never because of others. It’s a way to let all the emotions of the past leave you. Forgiveness is the right place for true love.

8. Make space for love

This is both literally and metaphorically. If you want to attract your soul mate you need to make room for them in every aspect of life. Clean up, make room for another person, free the places in the closet. If you do not have room for a new person in your life, you can not even expect them to come to your life.

9. Give up expectations

There are no two identical relationships. Your great expectations of a future relationship can disperse the wind of new true love. High expectations are dangerous. They can limit your mind. You can not expect perfection. We can only expect what you are. The amount of love you have will draw as much love. Similarities attract. You can’t be disappointed if you don’t have expectations.

10. Listen to your Intuition

This is a big part of your life. Intuition is like a GPS guide to your greatest good. So if you meet someone new and you have no feeling for them or everything seems hard, then this is not the right person for you. Always follow your instincts. Your inner guide will connect you with the one. And once you finally meet them, you’ll know that they are right for you.

11. Be the love you want to give to others

Love is the seed of hope and gratitude. When you respect and love yourself to the highest level, the other person will love and respect you even more. Do not replace lust for being in love. Never settle for less than you want for yourself. If you appreciate yourself and others will appreciate you. You deserve recognition, acceptance, and unconditional love. It all starts with you.

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