10 Phrases More Important And Exhilarating Than “I Love You”


Telling your partner that you love them sometimes is not enough. There are many other ways to show how much you love them.

Here are a couple of phrases to use when you want to prove your partner that your love is in the first place:

1. “I understand you”

Letting your partner know that you understand them, means that you are maintaining a deep level of communication. By saying this phrase, you show them that you look beyond their words.

2. “I am here for you”

Being supportive and reliable will strengthen your relationship with your partner. Being always there for them means that you have accepted them for who they are.

3. “I forgive you”

One of the most wonderful qualities a person may have is forgiveness. It is the only thing that can repair all relationships and create a strong bond.


4. “I stand by your side”

Showing your partner that they can trust you is the deepest form of love. In this way, you motivate them to keep going even in the hardest of times.

5. “I miss you”

By saying these words, you show to your partner that their absence creates an emptiness in your life. It will show them that you are thinking of them and you wish you weren’t apart.

6. “I will protect you”

Let your partner know that you are going to protect them from harm. Never let others put your partner down. Shield and cherish them and protect their heart from pain.

7. “I trust you”

Make sure you show your partner that you trust them. Get rid of the jealousy thoughts, especially if your partner treats you with love, dignity, and respect. Show them that you feel secure in your relationship.

8. “I am yours”

It’s a great feeling to know that your partner is completely committed to you. Make sure you let them know you are committed to them as well. This will give you a sense of security and will make your love much deeper.

9. “I am sorry”

Saying these three powerful words will show your partner how much you love them. If you love them truly you will put your ego aside and won’t hesitate to ask for forgiveness.

10. “I am lucky to have you”

Don’t forget to tell your partner that you are incredibly lucky to have them in your life. It will make them feel like a miracle to you.

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